Covid-19 is in the Black Snake Prophecy

Black Snake Prophecy
What has come true so far...the white children came to our Rez and heard the Black Snake Prophecy, and put among all the other Native prophecies of this time...Covid-19 has come, eating them from the inside out, and the black snake quit rolling through McLaughlin, SD and now the white people are fighting each other...then it gets worse.
Then it gets better....

The Gordian Knot
So far in my short life, I have see the SRST spend almost a billion dollars in failures and cursing wickedness on the Hunkpapa...the tribal governments have become the most dangerous hostile jurisdictions to the sovereignty in the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty, with SRST the first in line to sell the Black Hills to keep Prairie Knights Casino from being managed and owned by outside enterprises...ummm...Hey wait, this is not literature, nor am I giving you a history of how the SRST Rez sucks for the Hunkpapa, we can give failure after failure of SRST impact on the South Dakota side of the Rez.
Long Alexander the Great also encountered such a political stalemate holding back the Greek people from conquering the world...and Alexander whacked it with sword and went about conquering the Middle East, dying in Indi from plague....if there is one to learn from history about plagues is that we never learn anything about plagues in history.
The Tribal Governments are the Lakota Gordian Knot; in our Hunkpapa case, in our community, I shattered that Gordian Knot with my 6 lb rock blaster sledge hammer, with the gaskapa hit (the kiss off) I am famous for...the tribal governments are powerless against the Covid-19...they need people to be moving so they regulate other words, they have become superfluous, excess, something like the schools are becoming in the plague areas, online only, no more formal schools, no more teachers, no more administration, no more the schools the tribal governments can be mostly replaced by information kiosks, printing the applications as well as scanning and faxing applications, no more staff...

Hunkpapa Rising
The website was launched yesterday, and some of the skeleton is there, waiting for more content; mostly the site will be used to provide evidence of how we suffered under the Custer Scouts...


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