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The Custer Scout Buckskin Republic is Dead, Long Live the Custer Scout Buckskin Republic

A short of list of the proof of the financial mismanagement from Hell on Standing Rock, the audits name names Honestly, Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation should never have happened to begin with, but Custer was a dork and so were the rest of the Hunkpapa hating wasicu and Custer Scouts; and alcohol caused many Hunkpapa to become that boot anyways hahahahaha you know you are... in 1873, the Custer Scouts were given their own reservation outside the boundaries of the 1868 Fort Laranie Treaty, in other words, they sold out for protection much like those toadies follow bullies and hide behind them...While the Hunkpapa were out running wild and free on the Great Plains, the Custer Scouts managed to end the Grand River Agency; this time through Hunkpapa bootlickers selling out (their motivations were selfish; which if you don't know, you don't need to know either) Below is the key document, extracted from the 2018 Audit on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, showing