Sunday, July 7, 2019

Treaty Speaking...say the first line throws the Yanktonai under the Cavalry hooves...

The 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty has this safeguard against the sellout tribes; it is now time we have use it to protect our rights as Hunkpapa to have our own reservation and our own sovereigns to exist as the Hunkpapa...the first section deals with criminality and unauthorized selling out as has happened, it is crooked thievery. Face the truth on Standing Rock...the North Dakota side has never did anything for the South Dakota except for selling meth...just one voice and that voice will become a roar, and the sellouts will be begging the government to send Custer to protect them from the truth that they are nothing but thieves stealing all the way from Sunday...


From this day forward all war between the parties to this agreement shall for ever cease. The government of the United States desires peace, and its honor is hereby pledged to keep it. The Indians desire peace, and they now pledge their honor to maintain it.

If bad men among the whites, or among other people subject to the authority of the United States, shall commit any wrong upon the person or property of the Indians, the United States will, upon proof made to the agent, and forwarded to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs at Washington city, proceed at once to cause the offender to be arrested and punished according to the laws of the United States, and also reimburse the injured person for the loss sustained.

If bad men among the Indians shall commit a wrong or depredation upon the person or property of nay one, white, black, or Indian, subject to the authority of the United States, and at peace therewith, the Indians herein named solemnly agree that they will, upon proof made to their agent, and notice by him, deliver up the wrongdoer to the United States, to be tried and punished according to its laws, and, in case they willfully refuse so to do, the person injured shall be reimbursed for his loss from the annuities, or other moneys due or to become due to them under this or other treaties made with the United States; and the President, on advising with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, shall prescribe such rules and regulations for ascertaining damages under the provisions of this article as in his judgment may be proper, but no one sustaining loss while violating the provisions of this treaty, or the laws of the United States, shall be reimbursed therefor.

the rest of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty is here

Monday, June 10, 2019

Why Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation is Genocide

Complaining without Offering Solution is Whining

Tribal government has become the people's greatest enemy, actually working to keep the tribe ignorant of its own actions; doing this, it keeps this sustained imbalance where no one really knows anything, and avoiding any blame. The people get the blame for the meth afflicted poverty that steadily grows, dimming that light of hope for freedom, letting crooked injustice tell that it is no hope, to just get used to it and quit griping. Every election time, every politician is out, crying around about how we need education to bring economic development to the reservation while never saying one word about how repressive the tribal government is by its very intrinsic nature. Or they say we need to go back to the old spiritual ways, then do everything contrary to those right ways. The tribal government is a federal agency, if the people become self-sufficient, then it loses its control over the people; it fears real economic development initiatives, doing what it can to torpedo any real initiatives that would provide such self-sufficiency. Then many after reading this should wonder the origin of the tribal government.

Established in 1873

This is very important as this was 5 years after the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty and just added Sioux County in North Dakota as a reservation separate from the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. First contact was brutal, alcoholism just wrecked people; if they could only see the future as did some, most only followed themselves: no one has the right to tell anyone what to do. The Yanktonai have used this against the Hunkpapa, effectively, to keep the Hunkpapa from seeing who we really are, and why we don't need Standing Rock and definitely don't need the Yanktonai, to think they are necessary is accommodationist...146 years ago they thought that the world as it is existed then would stay the same, that the 7th Cavalry would be there, along with alcoholism, the colonizers use meth...

Federal Grants Never Cross the State Line into South Dakota

the federal grants just stay in tribal HQ...'nuff sed

The reason for the poverty is because ignorance is money

If you don't know anything, then you are not a trouble maker and banned by black ball, keep licking those boots, bootlicker

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Salazar Settlement

First of all, I didn’t get involved with the Salazar Settlement immediately; the issue slowly reared its head during our discussions over the SRST Tribal Chairman’s firing of the tribe’s executive director. My side on this Termination controversy is that our tribe has sovereign immunity regarding its employment practices. If such wasn’t the case, there would be non-tribal members working for our tribe in the various offices.

Our discussion quickly changed from this controversy to that involving the $48.9 million Salazar Settlement. At first I confused the Salazar Settlement with the Cobell Settlement. I never heard about the Salazar Settlement at all.

At first, just prior to the actual disbursement of the Salazar Settlement to the SRST tribal council, there were many discussions I participated in where we were concerned whether tribal members living off the reservation would receive any of the Salazar Settlement. We did not receive any money yet, with promises still in the air. My point in this is the same as I hold in our tribe’s protection from suit involving certain hiring practices especially those job position funded by our tribe’s own income and not federal or state grants.

Here is my point, my perspective on our tribal government and on tribal governments in general. These are creations of the federal government and such are colonial governments. Living under these organizations means that we have lost certain rights to a representative government having laws regulating its own accountability to tribal members. I guess they established these tribal governments in order for us to improve them to our satisfaction; this did not happen and cannot happen without further federal and public intervention.

Regarding the Salazar Settlement, since it is known that our tribal government is notoriously unaccountable of its funds and that anyone trying to expose this human rights violation is subject to harsh retaliation usually in the form of denial of services and employment; many people just accept this unaccountability as being a price for living on the reservation. Without much discussion on whether the off reservation tribal members would be included in the Salazar Settlement, our tribal government disbursed the Salazar Settlement to the local district community governments, using a pro rata distribution, also used to distribute the annual Casino Revenue profits (this pro rata figure is used to deliberately avoid the Per Capita regulations in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and is based on US Census population estimates of people living in the tribal communities).

And of course, in the best of possible worlds, the local district communities would have shared their pro rata Salazar Settlement allocation with their off-reservation relatives. Sadly this did not happen for whatever reasons. The tribal council, although knowing that this would happen, did willfully distribute the Salazar Settlement in order to keep the lion’s share of the Salazar Settlement for its own spending spree. 

To “help” off-reservation tribal members, the tribal council established an application along with an office that has the purpose to prevent double dipping by on-reservation tribal members. These workers were to compile a list of on-reservation tribal members that have already received funds from the Salazar Settlement through their local district community governments to prevent double dipping. Then after finalizing this compilation, they’d begin distributing $1,000 to off-reservation tribal members. And as usual, this simple process developed some insane nightmares, meaning that the off-reservations tribal members are still in the dark as to when they’ll actually receive any of the Salazar Settlement.

That the off-reservation tribal members haven’t receive any of the Salazar Settlement just typifies the larger issue, that of the complete lack of accountability of our tribal government to its tribal members. Instead of telling what it has to spend, it spends it, and then weathers the resulting controversy like a punching bag or a yoyo. This lack of tribal government accountability issue is the direct cause of the endemic poverty existing, and increasing, on our reservation, although over the past three years, our tribal government received over $150 million in federal government grants to pay itself handsomely for its madness at the expense of the poverty-stricken, unemployed, no hope reservation tribal members.

The level of the insane unaccountability even made it to Glen Beck’s desk, where he questioned why the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was given almost a million dollars to improve its airport. One look at the OMB A-133 financial audits submitted by the tribes to the clearinghouse shows many more instances of this government waste, waste in that these millions do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of life on the reservations. In fact these federal millions do exactly the opposite; they are used to increase the poverty existing on the reservations. Also these federal millions are used to purchase political favoritism-cronyism-nepotism and also are used to retaliate against those opposing the undemocratic nature of the tribal governments.

Meanwhile, in the Salazar Controversy, there are rumors given to me by Rosebud tribal members that the recent $9 million Pe’Sla purchase was funded primarily through an under-the-table loan made by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. And during this time, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council was embroiled in a bitter battle with its own off-reservation tribal members wanting their share in the Salazar Settlement, perhaps to provide a smokescreen to hide this rumored loan.

The reason I am inclined to believe this that I saw firsthand the JTAC/TERF tribal co-signatory loans used to purchase a miniature pony ranch as well as a llama ranch not too long ago.

Whatever the case, the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation is a black box vacuum, millions of dollars are sucked into it, and poverty, despair, suicides, domestic abuse are exhaled out to the bleeding hearts of America!

I used to wonder if I can see this unaccountability causing the extreme hardships on the reservations, why does Congress keep giving millions seemingly to increase the problems. Then it hit me, the millions of dollars in federal grants are being kept in local area banks to provide short term loans to small non-Native, non-reservation farms, ranches and businesses.

This means that US Congressional representatives from both South Dakota and North Dakota are unknowingly complicit in these human, civil and property rights violations existing on the reservations. Their lack of concern exemplifies the rampant paternalism inherent in this colonial policy, the “Let the Indians oppress each other to democracy” stand. Whether these congressional representatives know it or not, they have the blood of our children on their hands.

And regardless of the previous statements, what this means, for the off-reservation tribal members, is that it is highly unlikely that we will see any benefit from the Salazar Settlement. We have been terminated.

It is one thing to know that something is wrong, unjust, and unfair. Then the question becomes what to do about it? How does one correct and amend these wrongs being committed by our increasingly dictatorial tribal government when all tribal members have lost their rights under the current form of government. We can shake our fists at our tribal government all day and that will not effect change in the positive note.

A lawyer once told me 15 years ago, and this thought still holds true today. “Tribal sovereign immunity is good for a tribal government to protect itself and its members from hostile jurisdictions, yet when tribal sovereign immunity is used to defend itself against its own members, sovereign immunity is very bad for both the tribal government and its members.”
Harold One Feather
Hostile Hunkpapa

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


SALAZAR - Reservation Shredder

There is no question, I agree, the Salazar Settlement divided the reservation between off-reservation enrolled members and on-reservation enrolled members. Now the question is how this affected the existing division between enrolled members living in South Dakota and those living in North Dakota; and the more distinct division between the Hunkpapa and Yanktonai. Standing Rock was already divided into those Yanktonai in control of the jobs and the money, and the Hunkpapa, suffering poverty and illness, being used by the Yanktonai as a means to get millions and millions in federal grants. And finally, the division existing between the tribal government and its own tribal members. These divisions ultimately will end to the dissolution of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation into two reservations: wiceyela country and the Palanakta Wakpa (Grand River) Agency...
What makes this more interesting is the level of self-internalized repression and its affect on increasing hopelessness in any political action. Being labeled as a trouble-maker is a sure way to never getting a tribal job or any other tribal handouts be it someone buying your EBT receipts, WIC checks, Commodities or the 2-4-1 loans. Poverty makes people swallow their pride and their hope to feed either their children or their sickness/joy(?).
I spoken with many important political analysts and philosophers as well as historians about the issue. They said to keep the solution simple. Instead of pointing fingers or blaming others that think they are for any truth without explaining the real truth about the existing divisions on Standing Rock, that their fault is they want their truth to be maintained, that the wiceyela keep control of Standing Rock and the Hunkpapa be their silent slaves.
The solution is simple: many tribes have sprung out of thin air as result of their desire to own their casinos; in like manner, we, the Hunkpapa, have to follow their examples, those tribes wanted money and economic development, we want freedom, we want control of our future! It is easy!
The future Hunkpapa government and reservation will be based on transparency and full accountability as well as full responsibility. There will be no restrictions on governance and elections, we will choose our own.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Welcome to our site...eventually we will expose certain issues facing our reservation from the enrollee perspective especially for the hardships and trials experienced by those leaving the reservation and thus losing certain membership rights...