The Custer Scout Buckskin Republic is Dead, Long Live the Custer Scout Buckskin Republic

A short of list of the proof of the financial mismanagement from Hell on Standing Rock, the audits name names

Honestly, Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation should never have happened to begin with, but Custer was a dork and so were the rest of the Hunkpapa hating wasicu and Custer Scouts; and alcohol caused many Hunkpapa to become that boot anyways hahahahaha you know you are... in 1873, the Custer Scouts were given their own reservation outside the boundaries of the 1868 Fort Laranie Treaty, in other words, they sold out for protection much like those toadies follow bullies and hide behind them...While the Hunkpapa were out running wild and free on the Great Plains, the Custer Scouts managed to end the Grand River Agency; this time through Hunkpapa bootlickers selling out (their motivations were selfish; which if you don't know, you don't need to know either)

Below is the key document, extracted from the 2018 Audit on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, showing the reality that nearly all buildings, equipment and vehicles are loading around the fort, making it easier to divide the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation. This is evidence of crimes against humanity as well as ethnic cleansing and genocide...

And it just continues to get worse...I think I show how they keep the silence because they have everyone's hands in the cookie jar. This means they have absolutely no incentive to stop the poverty...and this is insurance just in case anything happens to me...we will learn the identities of these folks

Then to top it off, I have access to all Standing Rock's financial reports they have to submit to continue to pay themselves because the Hunkpapa are poverty-stricken.

I'm going to compile all of Standing Rock federal grants and then use that tabulation to compare against other tribes. I know that Standing Rock has poor grants writing as the situation described in those grants don't reflect the reality of Standing Rock so it will be interesting. I have included the 2018 Federal grants received by SRST, they are mostly concentration camp maintenance grants...with little to no reinvestment in the communities and the people, always someone else's fault.

it is utterly pathetic they would steal from poverty...every fancy car you see, every fancy truck in Fort Yates, ND is a symbol of that thievery and those crimes against humanity, genocide against the Hunkpapa, including attempting ethnic cleansing...but the truth speaks louder than their mockery and scorn.

This is how the Rock breaks and believe me, I have seen grown men when their rock broke hahahahaha
Some of you folks will be fitted with well-deserved ankle bracelets, and don't use that as reason not to wash your stink feet...

What happened in Lower Brule when the tribal government was guilty of ripping off the people, they called it Crimes against Humanity...and it was just money, not deaths and cancer, not birth defects, not sick children, not dying people....

Secret and Unaccountable
The Tribal Council at Lower Brule and its Impact on Human Rights

The only solution is to divide Standing Rock into two reservations:

And everyone knows it....and it is easy to do....but that is another blog post.


and I will manage the Hunkpapa bank...the first of its kind...I even know of an abandoned bank with a big lol lol for keeping our stolen Black Hills gold... Black Hills Gold Back


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