SALAZAR - Reservation Shredder

There is no question, I agree, the Salazar Settlement divided the reservation between off-reservation enrolled members and on-reservation enrolled members. Now the question is how this affected the existing division between enrolled members living in South Dakota and those living in North Dakota; and the more distinct division between the Hunkpapa and Yanktonai. Standing Rock was already divided into those Yanktonai in control of the jobs and the money, and the Hunkpapa, suffering poverty and illness, being used by the Yanktonai as a means to get millions and millions in federal grants. And finally, the division existing between the tribal government and its own tribal members. These divisions ultimately will end to the dissolution of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation into two reservations: wiceyela country and the Palanakta Wakpa (Grand River) Agency...
What makes this more interesting is the level of self-internalized repression and its affect on increasing hopelessness in any political action. Being labeled as a trouble-maker is a sure way to never getting a tribal job or any other tribal handouts be it someone buying your EBT receipts, WIC checks, Commodities or the 2-4-1 loans. Poverty makes people swallow their pride and their hope to feed either their children or their sickness/joy(?).
I spoken with many important political analysts and philosophers as well as historians about the issue. They said to keep the solution simple. Instead of pointing fingers or blaming others that think they are for any truth without explaining the real truth about the existing divisions on Standing Rock, that their fault is they want their truth to be maintained, that the wiceyela keep control of Standing Rock and the Hunkpapa be their silent slaves.
The solution is simple: many tribes have sprung out of thin air as result of their desire to own their casinos; in like manner, we, the Hunkpapa, have to follow their examples, those tribes wanted money and economic development, we want freedom, we want control of our future! It is easy!
The future Hunkpapa government and reservation will be based on transparency and full accountability as well as full responsibility. There will be no restrictions on governance and elections, we will choose our own.


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