Sunday, July 7, 2019

Treaty Speaking...say the first line throws the Yanktonai under the Cavalry hooves...

The 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty has this safeguard against the sellout tribes; it is now time we have use it to protect our rights as Hunkpapa to have our own reservation and our own sovereigns to exist as the Hunkpapa...the first section deals with criminality and unauthorized selling out as has happened, it is crooked thievery. Face the truth on Standing Rock...the North Dakota side has never did anything for the South Dakota except for selling meth...just one voice and that voice will become a roar, and the sellouts will be begging the government to send Custer to protect them from the truth that they are nothing but thieves stealing all the way from Sunday...


From this day forward all war between the parties to this agreement shall for ever cease. The government of the United States desires peace, and its honor is hereby pledged to keep it. The Indians desire peace, and they now pledge their honor to maintain it.

If bad men among the whites, or among other people subject to the authority of the United States, shall commit any wrong upon the person or property of the Indians, the United States will, upon proof made to the agent, and forwarded to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs at Washington city, proceed at once to cause the offender to be arrested and punished according to the laws of the United States, and also reimburse the injured person for the loss sustained.

If bad men among the Indians shall commit a wrong or depredation upon the person or property of nay one, white, black, or Indian, subject to the authority of the United States, and at peace therewith, the Indians herein named solemnly agree that they will, upon proof made to their agent, and notice by him, deliver up the wrongdoer to the United States, to be tried and punished according to its laws, and, in case they willfully refuse so to do, the person injured shall be reimbursed for his loss from the annuities, or other moneys due or to become due to them under this or other treaties made with the United States; and the President, on advising with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, shall prescribe such rules and regulations for ascertaining damages under the provisions of this article as in his judgment may be proper, but no one sustaining loss while violating the provisions of this treaty, or the laws of the United States, shall be reimbursed therefor.

the rest of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty is here

Monday, June 10, 2019

Why Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation is Genocide

Complaining without Offering Solution is Whining

Tribal government has become the people's greatest enemy, actually working to keep the tribe ignorant of its own actions; doing this, it keeps this sustained imbalance where no one really knows anything, and avoiding any blame. The people get the blame for the meth afflicted poverty that steadily grows, dimming that light of hope for freedom, letting crooked injustice tell that it is no hope, to just get used to it and quit griping. Every election time, every politician is out, crying around about how we need education to bring economic development to the reservation while never saying one word about how repressive the tribal government is by its very intrinsic nature. Or they say we need to go back to the old spiritual ways, then do everything contrary to those right ways. The tribal government is a federal agency, if the people become self-sufficient, then it loses its control over the people; it fears real economic development initiatives, doing what it can to torpedo any real initiatives that would provide such self-sufficiency. Then many after reading this should wonder the origin of the tribal government.

Established in 1873

This is very important as this was 5 years after the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty and just added Sioux County in North Dakota as a reservation separate from the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. First contact was brutal, alcoholism just wrecked people; if they could only see the future as did some, most only followed themselves: no one has the right to tell anyone what to do. The Yanktonai have used this against the Hunkpapa, effectively, to keep the Hunkpapa from seeing who we really are, and why we don't need Standing Rock and definitely don't need the Yanktonai, to think they are necessary is accommodationist...146 years ago they thought that the world as it is existed then would stay the same, that the 7th Cavalry would be there, along with alcoholism, the colonizers use meth...

Federal Grants Never Cross the State Line into South Dakota

the federal grants just stay in tribal HQ...'nuff sed

The reason for the poverty is because ignorance is money

If you don't know anything, then you are not a trouble maker and banned by black ball, keep licking those boots, bootlicker